Terms and Conditions(Intensive Courses)


1week2pass offers intensive courses that teach people to drive, with the intention of getting pupils ´test ready´ by the end of those courses. This statement of intent is subject to pupils meeting the required driving standards as set by the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency (´DVSA´) before pupils can be signed off by 1week2pass Approved Driving Instructor (´ADI´) as test ready. In the event that pupils do not achieve the required driving standards, our Approved Driving Instructor will not recommend nor approve them to sit a driving test with the Driving Standards Agency.

These ´T&C´ once signed by both parties form a binding Contract between the Clients, who will adhere to all ´T&C´ and 1week2pass who will deliver the service as advertised in accordance with these ´T&C´

Bookings and Cancellations

A driving course that has been booked shall be only for the dates and times that have been agreed and confirmed in writing by 1week2pass who is the provider of the training programme under the name of 1week2pass.

All courses must be paid for prior to the start of the course. This can be paid for anytime before 10 days of the start of the course. A deposit of 30% of the fee of the course will book a course as long as full payment is made before 5 days of the start of the course. This deposit is only refundable if the client cancels before 14 days of the start of the course.

The driving course may be cancelled by:

The clients sending notice via an email to oneweek2pass@yahoo.co.uk which must arrive no later than 14 (fourteen) days prior to commencement of the Driving Course.

The Clients may only change the start date of a Driving Course in exceptional circumstances, and giving 14 days prior notice to the commencement of the Driving Course.

If a pupil of 1week2pass books a driving test at the times of the course the lesson for that day will be rearranged for a mutual day and time even if it is on another week.

1week2pass offers a number of Course options as displayed on our website. All courses will start and finish at a pre-arranged pick-up and drop-off point.

Please note that times may vary due to tests and Driving Instructors may be substituted as a result of events that are beyond the control of 1week2pass.

Course delivery methods.

1week2pass have customised the driving course so that it is delivered over five consecutive days, Monday - Friday (inclusive) to ensure maximum retention by the client.

It is the pupil´s responsibility to arrive to all lessons ten (10) minutes prior to the commencement of the lesson. No refunds or discounts will be granted to any client who misses part or entire session/sessions of the course. Moreover, any absenteeism will severely jeopardise the pupils progress within the course thus prolong the time prior to sitting the test.

If at any time the pupil elects to finish the course early, arrive late, or miss any days out, no proportion of payment made for the course will be refunded, nor will any hours be given in lieu of those hours missed. 1week2pass shall have the right to use or substitute any Approved Driving Instructor and or vehicle for the purpose of giving all or some of the tuition for both practical and theory on the course for whatever reason.

The pupil agrees that he/she is duly licensed to drive an L plate tuition vehicle and is able to read a number plate at a distance of 20.5 metres with or without aided vision.

The Training

Training for the practical syllabus is delivered by a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency qualified instructors who teach pupils to drive in a modern, clean and reliable vehicle in accordance with the Driving Standards Agency guidelines. All vehicles are dual controlled. In the rare event of vehicle breakdown we will endeavour to replace the vehicle with the least amount of disruption to the pupil. 1week2pass course is designed to give an average pupil an overall grounding on all the topics of the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency learning to drive syllabus and to help clients achieve, if possible, Driver and Vehicle Standard Agency test by the end of the course. There is no guarantee implied whether written or otherwise that a pupil will get to the required standard to be able to pass a driving test, as achieving this standard is entirely down to the pupil´s ability. For the avoidance of doubt the standard required is level 5 as published on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Drivers Record. A copy of this will be presented to the pupil at the start of each course and will need to be completed at the end of each day of the course. In the case of non achievement of the required level 5 after the completion of the 1week2pass course further training options include lessons from a Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency approved instructor or private practice until such time that the required standard is achieved. 1week2pass is not responsible for any further lessons agreed between the Clients and an instructor contracted by 1week2pass. Payments for such lessons are entirely the responsibility of the Clients and the instructors.

The Practical Driving Test

The programme offered by 1week2pass does not include a pre-booked driving test, as applications for such tests can only be made once a theory pass is obtained. It is the responsibility of the Clients to book the driving test directly with the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency. If requested to do so, 1week2pass will fast track a driving test to be sooner than the national average waiting list. The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency do not supply a car for a driving test, however clients may hire 1week2pass car for the test provided that the pupils have achieved level-5 of driving competency and have been signed off by their Approved Driving Instructor as test ready, and every effort will be made to supply the car that was used for training. There is no money back equivalent if the car is not used or is required for the 1st test. In line with the industry norm we may refuse the use of the hired car where we feel that the driver poses a risk to the public and/or the hired car. In this event, where possible, we will give the Clients enough notice so that he/she can hire an alternative vehicle.


Special Offer
Book a block of 10 hours manual/automatic for £350. Please read our Terms & Conditions for Block bookings.

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